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Whispering Ears Welcomes You!

At Whispering Ears, we consider Mental Health as an important part of Human Well-being. We truly believe in listening to people by lend our ears to them. Neither do we give our Opinion, Judgement, Comments, etc nor do we disclose your secrets to anyone, your identity is Anonymous at all times, even to our callers.We feel that half of the problem sorted when a person sits with a cool head and focuses on a topic and to clear out the mental chatter we help by listening. Expressing your heart out is an underrated pleasure. Certainly, when one expresses himself/herself, they lift the burden off their chest and its a liberating feeling. 

Whispering Ears Mission

Our mission is to give people a lending ear to vent out their Anger, Stress, Frustration, Guilt,etc. We understand that keeping things to oneself long enough leads to suffocation which directly or indirectly affects one behavior, character and decision making.
We want people to become Mentally & Emotionally healthy, as most of the problems in the body are Psychosomatic (of a physical illness or other condition, caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress.). 

How does it work?

Short Answer: Anonymous callers calls you and listens to your random thoughts (No need to worry about being “Judged” as you both would be stranger to each other, and probably never cross path in this lifetime). Once the random thoughts are settled and spitted out, mind becomes more focus to give attention to useful things.

Long Answer: Mental Health comes into the domain of Psychology, hence the relief must be related to mental activity. We do not believe in imposing our solutions and not-so-expert advice over to you, hence we just listen to you. Once the suffocating thoughts are released, mind gets space to breath and concentrate on better things. For example, once the trash is out of garbage, the kitchen seems to be fresh, therefore once we take the garbage out of our mind, mind feels fresh.

Is it Chargable?

NO.  Its our social well-being initiative to make people aware about mental health and an attempt to slay the devil when its still small.

Why talk to stranger?

You come to us for attentively listening to you and your problems without passing any Judgement or forming an Opinion. Talking to your good old pal is another alternative but are they accessible accordingly to your schedule and ready to take the hit as willingly and patiently as we do? you have an answer.

At all time your identity is Anonymous, as we don’t even ask for your name or email address. Even contact no. is not shared with our callers, its all automated system taking care of it & its erased from our system regularly. In conclusion, we are not mental counselor/ therapist. 

Is it a therapy session?

No, its not a therapy session. As we don’t aim to provide any therapy or solution to your problem.
We believe that solution to Mental Health related stuff should come from within and by voluntary action. 
Secondly, we don’t know about your past, beliefs, lifestyle, financial background, current situation, character,etc and without taking into consideration all such aspects solution would just be another vague attempt, hence we arnt providing any solution but its no less than a therapy as our customers say. What we are doing is only attempting to make your heart lighter by listing to what’s holding you back on inside.


"Simply Amazing. Its not a therapy, yet not less than one. I feel much more relieved just after the call. I didnt know i was walking around with so much over my head. Thanks to the callers out there.